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Tracking John Updike's Foot Fetish - Part 3

These are all from one book, the story collection TRUST ME.

The Lovely Troubled Daughters of Our Crowd:

"I can see them still, their sweet pastel party dresses and their feet bare in the grass, those slender little-girl feet, with bony tan toes, that you feel would leave rabbit tracks in the dew."

More Stately Mansions:

"...there was something radiant about the blue-white tops of his naked feet."

The Ideal Village:

" (BATA SHOES, his shirt advertised, though he was barefoot) ..."

The Other:

"...Hank could scarcely stand  and had to lower his eyes, and then saw how her bare feet, fresh from chilly boots and rimmed in pink, looked as they slowly pivoted..."

The Other:

"As she pivoted, yellow calluses showed at her heels."

The Other:

"In tight, spattered jeans, and bony bare feet, Susan's skininess was exciting;..."

Leaf Season:

"He is barefoot - pathetic white feet, with ingrown yellow toenails and long toes crushed together..."

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