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Tracking John Updike's Foot Fetish - Part 2

Memories of the Ford Administration:

"...spiritual energy through her mouth into mine, right down to my toes as they curled up into the arches of her feet."

Memories of the Ford Administration:

"I could not sleep.  This I do remember.  The sound of my estranged wife's feet, first in shoes and then without, over my head in our old bedroom, and the nostalgic pungence of her oily paints all around me kept me awake with erotic possibilities..."

S.  :

"Your feet look comely in sandals.  Such long straight toes.  So many American women, I thought when arriving in this continent, have ugly toes, from being squeezed inside the pointed shoes."

Roger's Version:

"Her feet were small, shapelier than Edna's, and pink along the sides, with rough golden heels."

The Christian Roommates:

"...his ugly, yellowish, flat nailed feet naked on the floor, which was uncarpeted and painted black."

The Christian Roommates:

""Jesus, Hub, put your shoes on."

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